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Galactus by Tim Odland

03/03/2015 // No Comments

Check out this Galactus commission I got from the Salt Lake City FanX convention last month from artist Tim Odland.

Galactus and the Silver Surfer

And the pencils…

Silver Surfer and Galactus

And check more of Tim’s work HERE.

Marvel Masterpieces (2008)

01/11/2015 // No Comments

There were a few cards in the 2008 Marvel Masterpieces trading card set that featured Galactus, but this one is the worst. In fact, it is the worst Galactus trading card in my entire collection because of the way the image was cropped. You can only see part of his hand, part of Dr Doom, and a microscopic FF in the distance. So terrible.

Steve Rude Galactus Trading Card

But it turns out that the full art by Steve Rude (that you can see tiny on the back of the card) is actually a really beautiful painting. Check it out…

Galactus by Steve Rude


Ultimate Galactus XRay by Chris Panda

01/11/2015 // No Comments

Check out this beautiful illustration of Galactus’ bones by artist Chris Panda…

Galactus skeleton art

You can buy prints of this piece on Panda’s website.

Galactus And The Silver Surfer By Mitch Breitweiser

11/04/2014 // No Comments

I got this beautiful commission from Marvel artist, Mitch Breitweiser at the Salt Lake Comic Con last September. Feel free to be jealous.


Li’l Depressed Galactus by Sina Grace

11/03/2014 // No Comments

I got this sketch of Li’l Depressed Boy as Galactus – and the Surfer is LDB’s friend, Drew. The artist is Sina Grace and if you are not familiar with the Li’l Depressed Boy comic series, you need to check it out because it’s great.

Lil Depressed Galactus

Homer Galactus by Ken Wheaton

10/30/2014 // No Comments

I got this awesome Homer Galactus commission a couple weeks ago at Tree City Comic Con from Ken Wheaton, artist of Simpsons and Popeye comics.  Check it out…

Homer Simpson Galactus

Galactus’ First Appearance Recoloring

09/25/2014 // One Comment

Here are scans from four different reprints of the first appearance of Galactus, each one features a different coloring job…


TOP LEFT: This scan is taken from the Marvel Masterworks collection of the first appearance of Galactus. The red and green coloring represent the way he was originally colored back in Fantastic Four #48 in 1966.

TOP RIGHT: This scan is taken from the 1992 collection entitled Silver Surfer: The Coming of Galactus which reprinted the trilogy with an updated recoloring job. Notice his arms remain bare, but the costume has the “correct” colors (even though the pinks and blues are reversed).

BOTTOM LEFT: This scan is from the Marvel Treasury reprint of the Galactus Trilogy in 1974. Not sure why they went with grey and purple here.

BOTTOM RIGHT: I am not sure the source of this scan, but it appears to be a more recent digital coloring job that has him colored the way he has been for most of the history of the character – including his arms being covered. If you know what reprint collection this came from, please let me know. Thanks.

I Hunger! by Matt Page

05/22/2014 // No Comments

Here’s a little Galactus design I made. To see more of my artwork, visit MY SITE.


To order a Pillow or T-shirt with this design, visit my store on Society6

Galactus Shirt Pillow

Galactus Pencils By Kano

05/13/2014 // No Comments

Check out these beautiful pencils from the Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter comic by Kano. And you can buy this original art HERE.

Galactus by Kano from Beta Ray Bill Godhunter

Galactus Commision By Brandon Dayton

05/09/2014 // No Comments

Check out this Galactus commission I got from Green Monk artist, Brandon Dayton last year. Check out more of his work HERE.

Galactus By Brandon Dayton

Galactus By Brittani Mickale Nay

01/11/2014 // No Comments

Check out this burned wood art commission I got from local (Utah) artist Brittani Mickale Nay.

burned wood art

Commision her to do a piece for you HERE.

Hunger Pangs T-Shirt By David Johnston

09/04/2013 // No Comments

I just got this Hunger Games parody t-shirt in the mail from Tee Villian, a website that offers t-shirts for 24 hours. It was designed by David Johnston and although you can no longer order it through Tee Villian, you can still order shirts from Johnston’s Redbubble account. Then you can look as awesome as me.


Happy Birthday To The King

08/29/2013 // No Comments

Today (August 28th) is Jack “The King” Kirby‘s birthday. He would have been 96 years old. Of course he was the creator of Galactus, Silver Surfer, and so many countless beloved comic book characters. In my opinion, he was the greatest comic book artist and creator who ever lived and ever will live. He was a true genius who unfortunately (like so many of the great masters) never got the credit or respect he deserved while he was still with us. Anyway I just wanted to pay a little tribute to him today and share this beautiful drawing of his two greatest creations. Thanks for everything, Jack!

Silver Surfer and Galactus by Jack Kirby

Silver Surfer and Galactus by Jack Kirby

Sketch Cover By Dustin Weaver

07/13/2013 // No Comments

This Galactus sketch cover by artist Dustin Weaver is incredible…

Comic cover with drawing of Galactus

I met Mr. Weaver a couple years ago at Emerald City Comic Con and he was a super nice and down to earth guy. HERE is his website with a colorized version of this cover. And that’s not the first awesome picture of Galactus he’s done. HERE’S some more!

Galactus Animation Drawing

06/25/2013 // No Comments

I got this production drawing off eBay. It is from the 90s Fantastic Four animated series. The illustration is about 5.5 inches tall.

Colored pencil drawing of Galactus.

Galactus Trading Card by Moebius

06/07/2013 // No Comments

This card is from the 1992 Silver Surfer trading card set. You can’t really see it in this scan, but it is kind of a hologram. card.

Front and back of Galactus trading card featuring art by Moebius.

The art is by the great Jean Giraud A.K.A. Moebius and is an “out take” from the book Silver Surfer: Parable

Illustration of Galactus by artist Moebius from the comic book Silver Surfer Parable.

The Very Hungry Galactus By Josh Gowdy

06/04/2013 // No Comments

I love this play on the classic children’s book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. For more art by Josh Gowdy, check out his Deviant Art page.

Galactus Snakin’ by Hyperjack08

05/20/2013 // No Comments

I love this sketch by Hyperjack08

Can’t Stop Eating by Paperbeatscissors

01/31/2013 // No Comments

This is one in an awesome series by the artist Paperbeatscissors. I love his style. Check out more of his work HERE.

Galactus By Wei Ho

01/28/2013 // No Comments

Look at this amazing piece by Wei Ho

Galactus by Francis Tsai

01/17/2013 // No Comments

This piece by Francis Tsai is awesome…

Marvel / A Christmas Story by Andy Hunter

12/21/2012 // No Comments

Another great Christmas Galactus painting. This one by Andy Hunter

Galactus Santa by Steven Bowman

12/21/2012 // No Comments

This is a great painting by Steven Bowman

Planet Cracker by Deadlymike

12/20/2012 // No Comments

I wish this awesome picture by Deadlymike was a Christmas card.

Galactus and Silver Surfer by Agnes Garbowska

10/26/2012 // No Comments

Check out this great piece by Agnes Garbowska

I Devour Worlds by Jimmy McWicked

10/20/2012 // No Comments

I love this picture of Galactus by Jimmy McWicked. Especially the boots. Check out more of his stuff HERE.

Galactus Munny by Adam Metcalf

10/13/2012 // No Comments

Check out this customized Munny toy by artist Adam Metcalf. I would love to have this in my collection. Very cool.

Galactus Commission by Jeff Lemire

10/11/2012 // 2 Comments

I got this commission from Jeff Lemire (one of my favorite comic creators) at the Emerald City Comic Convention in 2010…

Galactus Chimp by Ryan Ottley

07/23/2012 // No Comments

Ryan Ottley is awesome. I saw the original of this in his portfolio a couple months ago at a signing. But it was either not for sale or too expensive for me. But it was beautiful.

Galactic Diner by Corrose

07/12/2012 // No Comments
Check out this great t-shirt design by Corrose.


Galactus Commission By John Byrne

07/07/2012 // No Comments
Wow. Just wow. This commission is from John Bryne’s website, where you can go to check out a giant-sized version of it. It’s got everything: The Watcher, Punisher, the surfer… that must have cost a fortune. And it’s worth it.
John Byrne Galactus

Galactus And The Silver Surfer By Alex Maleev

07/07/2012 // No Comments
Check out this commission by the amazing Alex Maleev. I found it posted at Anthony’s Comic Book Art.


Black Tie Only by Dan Hipp

04/07/2012 // No Comments

Check out this awesome piece by Dan Hipp!

And take some time to go through his site. I pretty much love it all.

Galactus and Silver Surfer by Edward Pun

04/01/2012 // One Comment

I absolutely LOVE this illustration by Edward Pun.

Galactus And Batman

03/14/2012 // No Comments

Check out this great commision done by artist JK Woodward

As cool as Batman may be, he is way out of his league!