Thanos vs. Galactus

05/21/2013 // Comics

Cover of comic book

The 2003 Thanos miniseries is out of print and very hard to come across, but if you can get your hands on at least the first 6 issues, you won’t regret it because they have a really cool Galactus story written and drawn by the great Jim Starlin.

The series starts with Thanos having a change of heart and wanting to atone for having destroyed a planet called Rigel-3 by helping a colony of Rigelians whose planet is about to be destroyed by Galactus. We find out that Galactus isn’t actually planning on eating the Rigelian planet but he is syphoning the lava core of it to help him detonate a nearby sun – which is all part of a larger plan to collect the infinity gems which are scattered across the universe. Galactus has built a machine that when combined with the infinity gems, he believes will help him cure his hunger forever.

Illustration of Thanos and Galactus fighting.

Thanos and Galactus go head-to-head…

Galactus with helmet off and eyes glowing with fire.

…resulting in Galactus’ helmet being destroyed.

But Thanos discovers that Galactus is actually being manipulated by a being from another reality called Hunger who devours entire realities and is using Galactus to open a doorway to our reality. When Thanos tries to explain this to Galactus, they fight and then the portal is opened and Hunger enters our universe. Galactus and Thanos then of course team up to battle Hunger.

Galactus with shirt and helmet off

By the end of the battle, Galactus’ entire costume is in shreds.

This is an awesome story and it was fun watching Thanos and Galactus duke it out both physically and on a mental plane. It also had a lot of insights on the character of Galactus, showing that he is more conscious of the destruction wreaks than he usually lets on. It also explores quite a bit just how lonely and isolated his existence really is – particularly in issue 3, which retells his origin in a really cool and personal way. I really wish Marvel would rerelease this in a collected format, because the individual issues are way too expensive on eBay, but it is a really great book.

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  1. What Comic is?

  2. Where can I get this searirs

  3. TradeCollector 5 months ago Reply

    You can get it in trade paperback back form. It has been renamed Thanos – Redemption. Collect all 12 issues.

  4. TradeCollector 5 months ago Reply

    You can get it in trade paperback back form. It has been renamed Thanos – Redemption. Collects all 12 issues.

  5. This was actually released in a collected format (all issues, 1-12), in November of 2013 (like literally 7 months after this review was posted). Just wanted to make everyone here aware. It can be purchased on amazon for a pretty reasonable price.

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