Check out this burned wood art commission I got from local (Utah) artist Brittani Mickale Nay.

burned wood art

Commision her to do a piece for you HERE.

In 1977, The Mighty Marvel Superheroes’ Cookbook was published, which included the “recipe” for Galactus’ He-Man Pancakes

Galactus pancake recipe

When I heard about this, I thought “well I need to buy that and make some of those pancakes”, but then it turns out that book is going for way more than I am willing to pay on eBay – and the “recipe” sounds absolutely disgusting.

And here’s the cover of the cookbook…

front and back cover


Galactus Greeting Card

This 6 x 9.25 inch greeting card was produced by Third Eye, Inc., a publisher who specialized in black light posters in the 60s and 70s. This is from a set of Marvel greeting cards from 1971. The inside is blank and the back says “Copyright 1971, Marvel Comics Group, All Rights Reserved. Mfg. by The Third Eye, Inc., N.Y., N.Y.”

It looks as though the art is by Jack Kirby, but I cannot place what comic it came from, if it is an actual panel. The quote at the top looked a little odd to me, so I looked it up and it comes from Ecclesiastes 4:10 in the Holy Bible.

Thor #160 and #161

11/17/2013 // Comics

Thor 160 and 161 covers

In this two issue story by Jack “The King” Kirby and Stan “The Man” Lee from 1968, Galactus comes upon a planet ready to satisfy his hunger, when he learns that the planet is actually Ego The Living Planet - a living and intelligent planet floating out in space with a big bearded face on its surface. Ego The Living Planet of course doesn’t want to be dinner to the World Devourer, so they battle – Ego grappling his enemy with his tentacles and shooting energy blasts from his eyes and Galactus returning fire by blasting the living planet with Power Cosmic and  hurling meteors in his face.

Galactus vs Ego The Living Planet

At this same time, the Asgardian god Thor is on his way to challenge Galactus after having been summoned by a race of beings from the nearby planet Rigel. While Thor flies through space on his way to Galactus, he comes across a fleet of ships who are fleeing in the oposite direction. One ship in the fleet decides to follow Thor’s ship. They are the Wanderers – a group of survivors whose planet was destroyed by Galactus “untold ages” ago and who, as their leader describes, “wander through space seeking (their) moment of revenge”.

The Wanderers

The Wanderers

When Thor and the Wanderers finally arrive at their destination, they find Galactus and Ego The Living Planet engaged in battle – and they join in on Ego’s side. Eventually causing Galactus to retreat to safety and find himself a different meal. The Wanderers are left behind to colonize the surface of Ego, who welcomes them for helping to save his life, saying “For what has here been done this day… I grant you sanctuary! Wanderers; make of me your home… Forever!”

This was a fun little story – obviously with that creative team, it couldn’t be too short of greatness. Last year Robot 6 honored issue 160 as one of its Greatest Comics Of All Time (you should read that review, it’s very well written and informative). I wouldn’t say it is one of my personal favorite comics of all time, but it is definitely worth a read if you can get ahold of the issues.

Here are a couple of my favorite panels from issue #160…

Galactus From Thor 160

This whole video is pretty long, but you can see all the awesome Galactus action from 3:28 to 18:41.

It makes me wish I was into video games, then again watching this is pretty much all I need from the game anyway.

And then it looks like after you beat Galactus, you can unlock the ability to fly around as the world devourer blasting the hell out of everything…

Awesome stuff! Now all I want is A) a game where you are Galactus and you can just go around wreaking havoc, and B) A Galactus Lego set.Is that too much to ask?


11/11/2013 // Comics, Events

One of my favorite comic book stories is the 2006 Marvel event, Annihilation. It tells the story of Annihilus bringing his army from the Negative Zone and attacking the our universe. The entire story plays out across several different mini-series that tell us where all of the cosmic players are in this story – from Drax, to the Nova Corps, from the Skrulls to Thanos The Mad Titan.

3 comic book covers featuring Galactus

Covers to Annihilation #1 and Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus 1 and 2 by Gabrielle Dell’Otto

Early on in the story, Annihilus teams up with Thanos and they determine that if their attack on our universe is going to be successful, they must first neutralize their biggest threat: Galactus and his former heralds. So in the mini-series Annihilation: Silver Surfer, the former heralds are all being hunted down by Annihilus’ special forces.

Galactus' former and current heralds

The heralds of Galactus: Red Shift, Fire Lord, Stardust, Terrax, and the Silver Surfer

Air Walker is killed, Terrax is captured (and later put under the control of Negative Zone bugs that live inside his skin and force him to fight for Annihilus), and Firelord and Red Shift team up with the Silver Surfer to combine forces against their common enemy. At this point Galactus knows shit is starting to go down and he send his current herald, Stardust, to summon the Silver Surfer – whom Galactus then forgives for his past betrayal and convinces to return to his service as herald, restoring his Power Cosmic to full power.

Galactus and the Silver Surfer have a talk

In the Annihilation mini-series, Thanos eventually captures the Silver Surfer and the Devourer of Worlds, with the help of two ancient enemies of Galactus: Tenebrous Of The Darkness and Aegis Of All Sorrows – two “Proemial Gods” who went to war against Galactus at the beginning of time and who Galactus ended up imprisoning for millions of years until Annihilus freed them.

Two of Galactus' ancient enemies

LEFT: Tenebrous Of The Darkness. RIGHT: Aegis Of All Sorrows

Thanos rigs a machine which allows him to force feed Galactus on planets, but rather than Galactus getting the nourishment, his power cosmic is harvested for Annihilus’s use.

Galactus captured and used as a weapon

But when Galactus and the Surfer are eventually freed, it isn’t long before Annihilus’s plans come to a violent end, with the devourer and his herald hitting the Annihilation wave with full force.

Then in the 2 issue series Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus, we find out what happened with each of the heralds of Galactus in the wake of the Annihilation War (including Stardust returning to his service as a herald – alongside the Surfer) and we get to see the Silver Surfer seek revenge on Tenebrous and Aegis.

As I said before, I love this story. I really enjoyed the reuniting of the Silver Surfer and his former master and I loved seeing Galactus captured and used as a weapon. I also really like the characters of Tenebrous and Aegis and I would love to see more about them and their history with the big G. If you are interested in picking up this story, I want to warn you about the trade paperback collections. The first issue of Annihilation in the 3rd trade is misprinted with several pages missing, so if you are wanting to read and understand what is happening there, you will need to pick up the first issue of the Annihilation mini-series. But if you are interested in getting this collected in a larger format collection, it was just solicited as all being collected in an upcoming omnibus edition.

Galactipool and the Deadpool Corps

In the 2013 4 issue miniseries Deadpool Kills Deadpool, there is an evil Deadpool out in the multiverse who is trying to kill all of the different versions of Deadpool from different universes. Each universe’s Deadpool is different from the Deadpool from the Marvel 616 Universe (the main Marvel Universe). There’s a female Deadpool, a dog Deadpool, a cowboy Deadpool, even a Deadpool with Wolverine claws and adamantium-covered skeleton. Some are fighting with the 616 Deadpool and some are fighting against him.

And in issues #2, and 3, they face off against Galactipool (an alternate version of Deadpool that appears to be his universe’s Galactus), who is eventually killed when Lady Deadpool sacrifices herself by flying a ship into his face.

Galactipool hungers

The 4 issue miniseries was written by Cullen Bunn, with art by Salva Espin and is a funny and violent little story that you would probably really enjoy if you are into Deadpool. I’m not normally, but I heard about Galactipool and had to pick it up, and I am glad I did.

Galactus by Renato Arlem

Galactus by Renato Arlem

The following is Galactus’ file from the Nova Corps Database (from Annihilation: Silver Surfer)…

SUBJECT: Galactus


LOCATION AND STATUS: Mobile and extremely dangerous.

INDICTMENTS: Global Genocide, World Destroyer.

QUADRANT OF CRIMES: All known galaxies have reported genocide at Galactus’ hand.

THREAT LEVEL (Expanded): GLOBAL/UNIVERSAL The Nova Corps considers Galactus a threat on a Universal scale and not a natural part of the Universe. The Corps will assist any planet that requests aid. Whether that includes evacuation or confrontation with Galactus himself will be determined by the Worldmind.

CONTAINMENT and REHABILITATION PROCEDURES: The Worldmind deems execution an acceptable, but unlikely, solution by the Nova Corps.
For Consideration: Galactus is at his weakest between feedings. The Worldmind has suggested the possibility of luring Galactus to a world and destroying it before he has a chance to feed, leaving him with little energy to fight off a full assault.

Power Cosmic: Galactus possesses cosmic power beyond measure. He is able to convert matter into energy, project energy with enormous concussive force, teleport objects across space or time, and produce invincible energy-screens and force fields.
Telepathy: Able to scan the thoughts of any mind he has yet encountered, no matter how alien or advanced.
Armor: Galactus wears a suit of armor constructed from an unknown extraterrestrial metal that is rumored to help regulate and control his personal energy.
Heralds: Galactus is normally accompanied by a herald who is given a fraction of the Power Cosmic in order to search the cosmos for planets suitable to feed his hunger. His current Herald is Stardust.

Hunger: Galactus requires energies obtainable only from a certain type of planet in order to sustain his life. He apparently needs to feed about once a month.

BACKGROUND: Galactus is the sole survivor of the universe that existed prior to this one. He survived the Big Bang encased in a cosmic egg.

He is the most feared being in the Universe. Needing to devour entire worlds to satiate his hunger and wielding the Power Cosmic, Galactus has ended countless civilizations and devoured as many planets.

I already posted about the new 33 inch tall Galactus maquette from Sideshow a couple of months ago. But I wanted to post some pictures of it in comparison to the rest of my Galactus figures and show some close up details that you couldn’t see in the other pictures…


Sideshow Galactus Maquette 2IMG_0905IMG_0904IMG_0826IMG_0825IMG_0812


You can order your own maquette through Sideshow, but it is limited edition, so you’d better hurry.

This die-cut trading card was produced by Upper Deck in 2012.

Destroyer, a large armor that served as herald of Galactus

At the end of Thor #228, after Firelord pleads to be released from his servitude as a herald of Galactus, his master agrees to fee him but only if he is provided with a replacement herald. Thor then offers up the empty armor of the Destroyer (a suit of armor created by Thor’s father Odin) to be Galactus’ new herald. Galactus then animated the the Detroyer armor with what Galactus refers to as “the most minuscule portion of my own nigh-inexhaustible life force.”

The Destroyer’s power includes invulnerability, super strength, flight, the ability to project blasts of energy/heat/concussive force, emit a disintegration beam via its visor, and manipulate electro-magnetism and molecules allowing it to turn solid stone to lava.

The Destroyer served Galactus until Fantastic Four 173, when Galactus withdraws his life force from it while it battled with Thing. A year later, in Thor 265, Loki stole the Destroyer armor from Galactus and returned it to Asgard.

At the end of  Marvel’s Age Of Ultron event, a tear was made in the fabric of space which opened up a portal between the Marvel Universe and Marvel’s Ultimate Universe. A portal that Galactus came upon and used to enter into the Ultimate Universe. The 2013 Hunger mini series, written by Joshua Hale Fialkov and drawn by Leonard Kirk picks up from there.

covers for the 2013 series Hunger

Shortly after crossing over into the new universe, Galactus comes across the Gah Lak Tus swarm (an army of insect-like robots, first introduced in the Ultimate Galactus Saga, which was created by the Kree as a weapon, that they lost control of and now roams the universe devouring anything that gets in its path). The Gah Lak Tus swarm sees Galactus as a new source of energy and tries to consume him, but shortly after coming in contact with him, recognizes him as an analogous being and decides to merge with him. The combination of Galactus and Gah Lak Tus just looks like an armored version of Galactus – who, believe it or not, is now hungry.

Gah Lak Tus meets Galactus

LEFT: Galactus meets Gah Lak Tus RIGHT: The union of the two devourers

The Kree (lead by Ronan the Accuser), the Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel, and Rick Jones who is the Ultimate version of Nova – all do their best to stop the new Galactus/Gah Lak Tus threat, but fail leaving Captain Marvel dead and Galactus injured, but now the world devourer is on his way towards the earth.

Galactus sends forth his servants

The four issue Hunger mini series is setting up a larger Marvel event called Cataclysm that will cross over with all of the Ultimate Marvel books starting October 30th with Cataclysm #1 – and is rumored to be the end of the Ultimate Universe. I hope those rumors are true, not because I don’t like the Ultimate Universe, but because I would love to see Galactus succeed in a major way like that. I am really looking forward to Cataclysm, but before you pick up those books, you need to read the Hunger mini series.

In 1988, Marvel published the Silver Surfer: Judgment Day original graphic novel. It was originally John Buscema‘s project. He concepted and drew every page – each page a full page illustration and not broken into panels like a normal comic book – and then the great Stan Lee was brought in to add dialog and words. Although much of the credit is given to Buscema for this book (as it should be), I think Stan deserves recognition as well some really beautiful and profound dialogue.

Silver Surfer comic cover by Joe Jusko

Silver Surfer: Judgment Day cover by Joe Jusko

At the beginning of Silver Surfer: Judgment Day, Mephisto conjures up a plan to finally defeat his old nemesis, the Silver Surfer by taking away the conscience of the Surfer’s friend and Galactus’ current herald, Nova – allowing her to lead her master to one populated planet after (normally Nova only takes him to unpopulated planets).

Silver Surfer and Nova from Silver Surfer Judgment Day

When the Surfer finds out what she is doing, he confronts his friend and a battle ensues. The battle results in the planet below being left unfit for Galatus’ absorption, and in his wrath, he condemns both his current and former heralds to remain stranded on the planet below, devoid of their power of flight. At which time the Silver Surfer cries out in anguish “I know not the purpose of human destiny. I know not for what reason I exist in the grand and mystic scheme of things. But one thing I do know, now and forever… So long as my life endures, so long as blood still courses through my veins, I will act as my conscience dictate. I will harm no fellow being and will behave to all as I would have them behave to me. And if such acts should cause me woe, then with pride shall I bear the burden, secure in the knowledge that I have done my best. No man can do more.”

Galactus, Silver Surfer, and Nova

Shortly after that, Mephisto makes his move, taking advantage of the Surfer in this vulnerable state, he captures both Nova and the Surfer and transports them back to his own “accursed realm” – but not before breaking his spell over Nova, who sends out a cosmic flare to alert her master. Galactus eventually shows up demanding the return of his herald and a battle ensues.

SS Judgement Day_0004

I once read a discussion on line where people were talking about who would win in a fight between Galactus and Mephisto. The people argued both ways, but in Silver Surfer: Judgement Day, it pretty clear that they are almost evenly matched – that is until Galactus decides to consume Mephistos brimstone planet. At which time, the devil surrenders and returns the heralds as quickly as he can to stop Galactus from destroying eveything he has.

At the end of this story, the Surfer and Galactus have a great exchange where Galactus explains why he cannot allow himself to feel…

SILVER SURFER: I know not if the word “friend” conveys any significance to one such as you… but, when all is said and done…
GALACTUS: Enough! Friendship implies a caring, which signifies emotion! I could not do what I do, I could not be what I am, if, like hapless humans, I were subject to emotions unbridled. No! I am Galactus! I cannot be more! I dare not be less!”

Silver Surfer: Judgment Day is a beautiful graphic novel that I would recommend to anyone interested in Galactus and the Silver Surfer. As far as I know, it has not been republished, but it isn’t hard to find affordable copies of the original edition on eBay.

I just got this Hunger Games parody t-shirt in the mail from Tee Villian, a website that offers t-shirts for 24 hours. It was designed by David Johnston and although you can no longer order it through Tee Villian, you can still order shirts from Johnston’s Redbubble account. Then you can look as awesome as me.


Today (August 28th) is Jack “The King” Kirby‘s birthday. He would have been 96 years old. Of course he was the creator of Galactus, Silver Surfer, and so many countless beloved comic book characters. In my opinion, he was the greatest comic book artist and creator who ever lived and ever will live. He was a true genius who unfortunately (like so many of the great masters) never got the credit or respect he deserved while he was still with us. Anyway I just wanted to pay a little tribute to him today and share this beautiful drawing of his two greatest creations. Thanks for everything, Jack!

Silver Surfer and Galactus by Jack Kirby

Silver Surfer and Galactus by Jack Kirby

I don’t really play video games, but I look forward to watching videos on Youtube of people playing the new Marvel Lego when it comes out this fall.

Lego Galactus

Here are scans from three different reprints of the first appearance of Galactus, each one features a different coloring job…

Galactus Color Job

LEFT: This scan is taken from the Marvel Masterworks collection of the first appearance of Galactus. The red and green coloring represent the way he was originally colored back in Fantastic Four #48 in 1966.

MIDDLE: This scan is taken from the 1992 collection entitled Silver Surfer: The Coming of Galactus which reprinted the trilogy with an updated recoloring job. Notice his arms remain bare, but the costume has the “correct” colors (even though the pinks and blues are reversed).

RIGHT: I am not sure the source of this scan, but it appears to be a more recent digital coloring job that has him colored the way he has been for most of the history of the character – including his arms being covered. If you know what reprint collection this came from, please let me know. Thanks.

The Herald Ordeal

07/31/2013 // Comics

Silver Surfer #70 – #75 (1992) features a storyline called “The Herald Ordeal”. It starts out with Galactus getting into an argument with Nova, after she (in an effort to save the lives of the race living on a planet she has found), lies and tells him she was unable to find him a suitable planet to eat. Galactus of course knows she is lying and forces her to watch him as he consumes the planet she had discovered and all of those who live upon it.

Herald Ordeal Comic Book Covers

As he is preparing to devour the alien planet, he is confronted by one of the beings living on the planet, a “fearless, bloodthirsty and completely amoral” executioner named Morg who insists that he is not afraid of Galactus and that he will not go down without a fight. Of course he doesn’t present a real threat to Galactus, but his life is spared when Galactus destroys his planet. Galactus then decides to banish Nova and makes Morg into his new herald – he explains to her “It is past time I had a servant molded in my own image, unfettered by the moral shackles that bind and weaken the likes of you.”

Morg after recieving the Power Cosmic

Morg, the herald of Galactus.

A short while after that, the Silver Surfer comes around looking for Nova and ends up getting into a huge battle with the new herald. When he sees what a cruel and powerful being Morg is, the Surfer decides to gather together the only other beings in the universe who might be able to help him stop Morg – the other former heralds of Galactus.

The next several issues tell how the surfer tracks down and recruits all of the former heralds. First he finds Firelord who is in the middle of a large battle in outerspace. They then together go and collect Nova, who is suffering from amnesia and working at a strip club. They then resurrect the late Airwalker and finally persuade Terrax to help them in exchange for his freedom from the world the surfer had previously banished him to. But while they’ve been putting the band together, Morg has found a well on a foreign planet that has given him even more power on top of the Power Cosmic.

The former heralds of Galactus have teamed up

The landmark issue, Silver Surfer # 75 shows us the battle that takes place when the former heralds of Galactus confront the new herald of Galactus. It is an epic battle, with Morg prevailing and almost defeating all of those who oppose him- until the surfer finally convinces Galactus that continuing with Morg as his herald would be a mistake: “Morg now battles your former heralds and, without your intervention, will likely destroy them. But even if they fall, they will not be the last to confront you and your herald. A being of such power and murderous intent won’t be allowed to run rampant. Other heroes will gather to oppose him, and you. And if they fail, more will follow. As long as Morg is in your service, conflict will dog you. You will never again know peace.”

Galactus and the Silver Surfer

Galactus then removes the Power Cosmic from Morg, but the battle isn’t over until Morg takes the life of Nova and is ultimately killed by Terrax.

I ended up liking the Herald Ordeal stoyline much more than I expected. I liked Ron Marz‘ writting and (as always) loved Ron Lim‘s art, but most of all, I just loved seeing the former heralds of Galactus interacting with each other and working together to stop the most dangerous herald to date. It was fun to be root for Terrax for once, and it was heartbreaking to see the Surfer cradling the dead Nova in his arms. It is a great story and really stands out among the other comics that were coming out in the early nineties. I reccomend this story to anyone who is a fan of Galactus and of his heralds.

Nova lying dead on the Silver Surfer's board.

The funeral of Frankie Raye (Nova)

I just placed my order for the new Galactus maquette being released by Sideshow Collectables next month. It is 33 inches tall, lights up, and costs a whopping $799.99. It is super awesome! Here are some picture my buddy Sean took of it at San Diego Comic Con this year…
2013 Sideshow Galactus Maquette at SDCC2013 Galactus maquette by Sideshow Collectables
You can see more pictures and order your own at Sidehow’s website.

I have some Galactus comics to give away!

Including the complete Silver Surfer Parable, Silver Surfer #51, The Trial of Reed Richards, and more! To enter to win, simply comment on this post with the name of your favorite herald of Galactus – just write “Silver Surfer”, because obviously he is everyone’s favorite. Then on Monday, July 29, I will draw a name at random from all of those who entered will announce the winner on this post. If your name is drawn, I will mail you some awesome Galactus comics!

And the winner is… PHILY!

Phily, I will email you tomorrow to get your address. And for everyone who didn’t win, I will have another give away again in a few months or so, so stay tuned.

At 12.5 inches tall, the 2012 HeroClix Galactus figure is 2.5 inches shorter than the figure they put out in 2007, but  I prefer the sculpt (particularly the face and helmet) of the 2012 version.

Although I don’t play HeroClix, these make nice affordable little figurines.


And here is an early prototype for this figure that was posted by the artist on a HeroClix forum


HeroClix Galactus Packaging (front)

HeroClix Galactus Packaging (front)

HeroClix Galactus packaging (front)

HeroClix Galactus packaging (front)

Powers and Abilities card for the 2012 Galactus HeroClix figure

HeroClix Galactus Powers and Abilities card

Galactus vs Phoenix

07/21/2013 // Comics

To my knowledge/memory, we have seen Galactus vs Phoenix twice. The first time was in Excalibur #25 in 1990 (written by Chris Claremont with pencils by Chris Wozniac and inks by Allen Milgrom) where Galactus and his herald Nova came to the earth looking for the Phoenix Force, which was currently residing in Rachel Summers.

Galactus vs Phoenix in Excalibur 25

Upon her arrival, Nova explains “my master’s concluded that Phoenix’s continued existence is a threat to his own survival that he can’t accept.” But Phoenix’s team, Excalibur, are not going to give her up without a fight. Galactus responds by sending a bunch of alien creatures to attack them (this is interesting because this is the only time I can recall that he has fought this way).

Phoenix and Galactus battle

After a short battle, Phoenix surrenders herself in order to save her friends. But before Galactus can separate and destroy the Phoenix Force, He is confronted by Death and the Watcher, who explain to him that if he were to kill the Phoenix, he would ultimately be condemning the universe to extinction, leaving him with an eternity in an infinite void. He then releases Rachel, who now has a new understanding of both her power and the roll she plays in the universe.

Cover to the comic book

The second time we saw Galactus go head-to-head against the Phoenix was just three years later in Excalibur #61. This battle however took place somewhere out in the cosmos, light years away from earth. And this time it is Phoenix who initiates contact when she sees Galactus about to consume a planet and tries to stop him.

Splash page with Galactus and Phoenix

Their fight lasts for several beautiful pages by writer and artist Alan Davis and inker Mark Farmer, until eventually Galactus is almost defeated. They also go back and forth verbally, Phoenix condemning the devourer of worlds for all the lives that have been lost in his attempt to satisfy his appetite, and Galactus argues that the Phoenix is also responsible for the loss of life. He points out “I hover near to death, my strength depleted — exhausted in our struggle… while you are neither weary nor hungry. Because you tap into a source of near limitless potential… the sea of life yet unborn. Who is the greater evil,” he asks,“I the devourer of life that has run its course… or you who denies existence to generations of the future?”

Galactus and Phoenix go head to head

Those words strike Phoenix to her core and she takes off, leaving Galactus to rebuild his elemental converter and finish feeding.

Galactus and Phoenix fighting

Both issues are one-shot battles that result in the Phoenix being taught a lesson by Galactus and both are interesting little confrontations, but I think Excalibur #61 is the stronger issue. Both in the writing and the art which is quite remarkable (just look at these gorgeous pages!). You should be able to find these comics for fairly cheap in back-issue bins or online.

I was the special guest on this week’s episode of the Fight For Comics Podcast, where we discussed the Galactus Trilogy. LISTEN TO IT HERE.

Picture of Galactus saying he doesn't give a shit about humans.

This collectable Galactus figure is from the HeroClix game and was released in 2007. It is 15 inches tall and though it does not have any articulation, it has a nice John Byrne-esque sculpt.

Galactus HeroClix figure from 2007

2007 Galactus HeroClix figure

The following are quotes taken from the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection magazine. The quotes are from comic creators about the original Galactus Trilogy

“When that issue hit it was a complete revelation. Nothing like it had ever been done before in comics and I think it opened up the entire medium to push boundaries of imagination. It was truly original and I think is the single story that changed how many of us soon-to-be-creators thought about the possibilities of comics.”

- Marv Wolfman, Blade, The New Teen Titans, Fantastic Four

“The word ‘awesome’ is a useless cliche these days, but the Galactus Trilogy left me genuinely awestruck. Filled with apprehension and wonder, fear and amazement. Those three issues of the Fantastic Four  must have challenged everyone working in the Marvel Universe… and, I suspect, the writers and artists working at DC, too. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had thrown down the creative gauntlet. They showed us just how audacious, imaginative, and (there’s that word again) cosmic mainstream comics could be, and we’ve all been trying to measure up ever since.”

- J.M. DeMatteis, Amazing and Spectacular Spider-Man, Moonshadow, Batman: The Brave and the Bold TV series

“Everything before then could thus be seen (by me) as leading up to that peak, and if sometimes things after that seemed to be falling off from that peak, and if sometimes things after that seemed to be falling from that peak, I still knew just how exciting comics could be. Point being, my base line for comics has always been at that peak.”

- Steve Englehart , West Coast Avengers, Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four

The three covers of the Galactus Trilogy

More quotes about Galactus:

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Jim Starlin

This Galactus Slurpee cup is from 1977…

Close up of a Galactus Slurpee Cup from 1977.

Four sides of an empty plastic Galactus Slurpee cup.

This Galactus Slurpee cup was available at 7-Eleven back in 1977.

You can usually find these on eBay for around $15, but if you’re patient, you can sometimes find them for $10 or even $5 (which is how much I got mine for).

This Galactus sketch cover by artist Dustin Weaver is incredible…

Comic cover with drawing of Galactus

I met Mr. Weaver a couple years ago at Emerald City Comic Con and he was a super nice and down to earth guy. HERE is his website with a colorized version of this cover. And that’s not the first awesome picture of Galactus he’s done. HERE’S some more!

Galactus trading card

This card from the 2013 set features the art from Fanatstic Four #243 by John Byrne. There is also a gold foil version of the card, but that one tends to go for more on eBay, so it must be more rare than the red and silver versions I have.

Comic book covers for issues 337 through 341.

Covers to issues 337 – 341 by Walter Simonson.

Fantastic Four #337 starts out with Reed Richards discovering that somewhere in the future there is a “time bubble” blocking anything from entering that point in the timestream and causing some kind of timey-wimey trouble (that I didn’t quite understand). So the Fantastic Four, along with Thor and Iron Man, climb abord the time sled and head into the future to investigate.

Through the next few issues we find out that the time bubble was created somehow as a result of Galactus (who at this point is bigger than he has ever been before) using a gigantic machine to open a black hole in an effort to consume the entire universe. It turns out that the world devourer is now under the control of a Celestial called the Black Celestial who has altered Galactus so that he now hungers for entire universes.

Panels from issue 340 explaining how Galactus was revived by the Black Celestial.

The Black Celestial actually helped revive Galactus back in issue #244, which was the first step in his plan to destroy the universe and become the founder of the universe that is created in its wake.

In issue #341, after a battle with the Black Celestial, earth’s heroes set out to stop Galactus from destroying everything by once again they heading off to Taa II to retrieve the Ultimate Nulifier. But this time, rather than threatening Galactus with it, they actually just hand it over to the weary and unwell world devourer, and he uses it to nulify himself and everything inside the time bubble.

Galactus and the time sled

This story, written and drawn by the great Walter Simonson in 1990, is not one of my favorites. It’s actually very complicated and convoluted with too many guest stars and short meaningless battles. But I did like the twist at the end where Reed hypothesizes that maybe Galactus keeps the Ultimate Nulifier around as some kind of “failsafe device” and when the devourer of worlds knew he was not in control of himself and that he was destroying the universe, he didn’t hesitate to use it.

The Galactus vs. Alpha Flight adventure that takes place in Alpha Flight #99 and #100 (1991) starts out with Alpha Flight teaming up with the Avengers in a huge battle on the streets of Toronto. They are fighting a large armada of space ships that belong to a large intergalactic corporation called The Consortium who are trying to apprehend a super powered woman named Her who had ruined one of their business deals on a planet far away. There is a lot of damage to the city and innocent people in danger all around. When someone finally questions if saving this one woman is worth all of the damage and carnage the battle is causing, the answer is made clear that Alpha Flight’s job is to “protect the innocent no matter what the cost“.

Comic book covers off issues 99 and 100 of Alpha Flight.

Meanwhile somewhere out in outer space, there is a planet inhabited by alien beings called the Quwirlin who are about to be attacked by Galactus. But as soon as the World Devourer’s herald Nova approaches, they teleport their entire planet into “another dimensional plane”. When they realize that they have inadvertently teleport Nova with them, they explain to her why they did what they had just done: “Over the millenia, our entire civilization has been predicated on divining the means to protect ourselves from the coming of your master. This planetary safeguard was our final option” they continue “it would take an eternity for him to scan every aspect of every dimensional plane in existence”, but what they didn’t count on was Galactus’ ability to “hone in directly on his herald” –  so obviously it isn’t long before he arrives to have his dinner.

Galactus hovering above the Quwirlin home world.

The Quwirlin then fall back on their plan B, to summon Vindicator, the leader of Alpha Flight and his friends to come to their rescue. When a group consisting of members of Alpha Flight find themselves pulled against their will out of the battle in Toronto and taken to the Quwirlin’s home world, they are angry with the Quwirlin and at first they don’t want to help them. Then Her compares Galactus to the Consortium who they were in the middle of battling on earth. Guardian then explains that there is a small difference between Galactus and the Consortium: “Galactus destroys planets to survive – not out of greed – but the results are the same – I guess our decision was obvious all along – we have to stop Galactus no matter what the cost!” Then they begin a big battle  with Galactus that doesn’t end until they end up feeding him a mini-planet that the Consortium had been using as their power source.

Galactus and Alpha Flight go head to head.

These issues were written well enough by Fabian Nicieza and the art by Michael Blair wasn’t terrible, but I just found the actions and the justifications ridiculous. When their whole mission is based on saving the innocent no matter the cost, why then do they feel that means they need to stop Galactus? Why not save Galactus from the Quwirlin? Is he not innocent because he is trying to do what he must to survive? Would they stop a human from eating the food we eat in order to save the microorganisms that live on our food? Anyway, I just thought they kind of seemed like dicks – I didn’t think they should be tearing apart their city to save Her (a woman they know nothing about) and I didn’t think they should interviene in the battle with Galactus.

But I did like that the Quwirlin and how their entire civilization is built around their fear of Galactus!

I wish this awesome custom figure by Jin Saotome was something I could buy in the store.

Check out more pictures of this figure along with more of Saotome’s custom figures HERE.

I got this production drawing off eBay. It is from the 90s Fantastic Four animated series. The illustration is about 5.5 inches tall.

Colored pencil drawing of Galactus.

This awesome Galactus bottle opener came out last week from Diamond Select Toys and Marvel. It measures 4.25 inches and has magnets on the back to stick to your refrigerator.

Close up photo of Galactus bottle opener on a wood table.

From top to bottom it is 4.25 inches.

The packaging for the Galactus bottle opener

Front and back of the Galactus bottle opener box.

You can order your own Galactus bottle opener HERE.

In 1999, Marvel and DC comics published a crossover book called Superman/Fantastic Four, written and drawn by Dan Jergens with “finished art” by Art Thibert. The cover says: Galactus: Devourer of Krypton? Superman: Herald of Galactus? The Fantastic Four: Earth’s only hope? The infinite destruction is upon us!

Front and back cover of the Superman/ Fantastic Four comic book.

The beautiful cover painting by Jergens and Alex Ross.

The story starts out over in the DC Universe where Superman comes across some information that convinces him that Galactus devoured his home world of Krypton, so he decides to fly over to the Marvel Universe to talk to the Fantastic Four so they can help him get revenge on the devourer of worlds. Not too long after he arrives in the Marvel U, Superman and the FF are attacked by the Cyborg Superman (who followed supes from the DC U). Then immediately after they start fighting, Galactus shows up and imbues Superman with the Power Cosmic making him his new herald and then they take off in search of – what else? – a planet for Galactus to eat.

Superman stands in the air as the new herald of Galactus.

Superman: Herald of Galactus

Superman: Herald of Galactus looks the same as regular Superman, but gold from head to toe and without a cape. He has pretty much the same powers, but now he can shoot energy blasts out of his hands.

Galactus, Superman: The Herald of Galactus, and the Fantastic Four.

The Fantastic Four (reluctantly teamed up with the Cyborg Superman) set off on a journey to save their new buddy Superman. Meanwhile, after initially behaving like a good loyal herald and leading Galactus to a coincidentally uninhabited planet, Superman slowly begins to snap out of it and challenge the idea of what Galactus is ordering him to do. Eventually Superman betrays his master, just like the Silver Surfer before him…

Superman shooting Galactus with power cosmic blasts.

The heroes stop Galactus from devouring an inhabited planet, they find out Cyborg Superman had only tricked Superman into believing Galactus had devoured Krypton, Superman is stripped of his new powers, and Superman and Mr. Fantastic have this conversation about the devourer of worlds…

MR. FANTASTIC: He’s only doing that which any living organism does – whatever he must to survive.
SUPERMAN: You almost sound like you… admire him.
MR. FANTASTIC: Respect is more appropriate. Nevertheless, I will work ceaselessly to stop him. 

When I first heard about the concept of Superman being the herald of Galactus, of course I was excited, but I didn’t get my hopes up. I didn’t expect a Superman/ Fantastic Four crossover to be very good, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.The art is beautiful (it looks especially great at the 10 x 13.5 inches oversized format) and the characters were very well written. Unfortunately I dont believe it has ever been reprinted. So if you want to get it – and you should – you need to buy a used copy and it isn’t always cheap on eBay.

And here’s another picture in case you wanted more (I know I did)…

Superman, Galactus, and the FF all together.

The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine is a British publication that ships with a different hand painted lead figurine with each issue. This is the 5.5 inch Galactus figurine that came with the Galactus Mega Special in 2007…

Photo of Galactus figurine posed in front of an illustration of a planet being destroyed.

The background is the back cover of the accompanying magazine.

It comes with a 19 page magazine that is all about Galactus – it even talks about some Galactus comics I didn’t know about that I need to order as soon as I get some funds.

Front and back cover of magazine.

Front and back covers of the Galactus Mega Special issue of The CLassic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine. 

front and pack of Galactus figurine.

Front and back of the Galactus figurine. In the background is an interior spread of the magazine.

The bottom of the Galactus Figurine showing the number of the figurine.

Each figurine is hand painted and individually numbered.